Backup in Linux revisited

I was recently searching for a good backup solution on Ubuntu Linux. I was hoping with all the improvements going in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) that we might have gained a better backup solution. I currently use Simple Backup. I think I have discuss this before. Simple Backup was created as part of the Google Summer of Code in 2005. With full respect for the developer, it is a good start, but needs a lot of work. For instance, one needs to understand regular expressions to setup exclusions.

In my search I came across the Ubuntu Brainstorm site, where someone had suggested a fully comprehensive and integrated backup solution. I’m a big proponent of this, and would like to put more effort into promoting the idea. I commented on the feature and gave it a thumbs up, but it is still way behind the most popular idea. It isn’t sexy or cool, but it is (IMHO) extremely important. So here is my endorsement of the idea.

Please click on the link and give this feature the thumbs up!!