Does it matter if Vista makes an impact?

This should have been posted last week. Forgot to take it out of draft mode. :-/

I just read an article by John Dvorak entitled, “Will Vista make an impact?” It seems the real question is, “…does it really matter?” Dvorak writes this long article about how boring Vista is and how Microsoft really hasn’t put much effort into promoting Vista. Then at the end he says, “… Eventually this will settle down and we’ll all be using Vista…” Which basically means it doesn’t matter how boring Vista is or how much effort Microsoft puts into promoting it. The sad fact is that people will buy it anyway.

What does this say about the computer operating system industry? Because Microsoft has such a stranglehold on the desktop market they have absolutely no motivation to improve their product. It seems they only do so to marginally satisfy their critics that at least they are doing something.

I ran Vista for a couple of days because I wanted to see what great things they had done. Ok, that’s a lie.. I wanted to see if it actually ran on my three-year-old laptop. It worked fine, but there was nothing really compelling, and in fact some stuff was just annoying.